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During the promotion of The Defenders at San Diego Comic Con 2017 with his co-stars, Charlie gave many interviews about the show. They talked about their scenes and characters we already know, the new ones, the upcoming challenges and more.

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Charlie Cox attended the red carpet of The Defenders panel earlier today at San Diego Comic-Con. Make sure to check the pictures in our gallery.

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And here it is! The brand new trailer has just been released at the end of The Defenders panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Blind ninja. Smart-ass detective. Bulletproof ex-con. Kung Fu billionaire. Marvel’s The Defenders centers on four outsider heroes that have to put aside their personal issues and come together when a villainous sect threatens to destroy New York City as we know it.

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The Defenders boss teases Sigourney Weaver’s ‘antagonist’ role: ‘We don’t ever refer to anyone as the bad guy,’ Jeph Loeb shared with EW at Comic-Con. Sigourney Weaver might be about to clash with The Defenders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a bad guy.

Ahead of the superhero team-up premiering on Netflix next month, the heroes assembled at EW’s Comic-Con suite to tease the series and give a little insight into Weaver’s “admirable” Alexandra.

“She’s our main antagonist,” shared Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Television. “We don’t ever refer to anyone as the bad guy. She has a point of view. They have a point of view. And they may not necessarily be the same point of view. She’s part of a long-term plan to get something done, and if you have been watching all of the shows, there are little bread crumbs along the way that turn into the cake that is Defenders.”

The Defenders hits Netflix on Aug. 18.

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The UK’s Empire Magazine is all about The Defenders coverage and has published new images and info on it. The four stars of Netflix’s The Defenders were asked what each of their characters would bring to the table and had this to say.

“Matt’s quite good on the investigative trail with Jessica Jones. Matt can hear people’s heartbeat and sense when they lie.” – Charlie Cox

It’s no secret to fans where Matt’s strengths lie. He’s the best radar anyone can have and it looks like it’ll be put to good use in the unraveling of what mysteries lie before them. I’ve long imagined that Matt would essentially be the team’s primary tactician with his radar sense and all. He can map out entire floors filled with goons before any of them step onto it. I’m hoping that this comes into play in whatever action sequences they have.

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